major turn offs

  • timed missions
  • manual save points
  • chase sequences

Escort Missions


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The reason I’m so bitter about love songs is because they depict a romance that I once had, but had shattered before me as I discovered everything was a lie. And since then, I have yet to meet another person who is as passionate and romantic as I. I hate modern ideals on love. I hate how people “in love” speak to each other. I hate how people don’t want to commit. Be loyal. “Just seeing each other” “Not exclusive”. I hate how I feel so closeted, like I embarrass everyone. I hate how I have ripped apart that part of myself, when it once burned so vividly and bright. I hate that this beautiful part of me goes to complete waste. 

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Q: Please wake up. Not all is right with this world, and if something is to be done about it then the answer will lie somewhere in the difference between the differences of a couple of squares.

I am awake, and I know that this world isn’t right. But it also isn’t completely wrong. Live with what you’ve got.

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I want a black leather choker with a brass bell so badly.

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Q: Do you ever feel deja vu? A feeling like you're going out of your mind but can predict everything that is going to be said?

I experience this quite often. Most recently it was during the new Planet of the Apes movie. I was sitting in the theatre, when the female lead was about to announce the name of her child. I knew for some reason that she was going to say “Sarah” before she even began to speak. I really hate when stuff like that happens to me. 

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coffee is the most important meal of the day

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