Happy birthday to madjenta, my FAVORITE lady friend EVER! :D You’ve always been my favorite person to talk to and i’ll always consider you one of my greatest friends no matter what may happen, soooo you better be having a day that’s as great and awesome as you are. I hope you find the things…

I hope you’re having a great time in Belgium! :D

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I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow!!!! ;u;

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cool thing about choosing literally any major is that someone is gonna make you feel bad about it

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Q: since you dislike sexualized nudity, what do you consider erotic?

To summarize with a visual explanation:


imageBluntly put: Blood, vomit, tears, grief, purity in emotion, shadows, throats, mouths, hands, self destruction, the essance of what is raw, etc etc. 

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Nearly 8am and things still don’t feel right. Need sleep so badly.

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